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Zac Posen Drafted to Bring Style to Ladies' Mile Condos

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Earlier today Page Six reported that fashion designer Zac Posen is "teaming with architect Morris Adjmi to create a luxury boutique residence just south of the Flatiron District." We've seen such designer/development collabs in the past, but not since the world came crashing down. Posen has never veered into residential design, so why is he choosing now to get mixed up in Manhattan real estate? Well, for one, the guy's not afraid to handle a little poop, a requirement in this business. Also, he's got a furniture line coming out next year. What's the mystery building? It's 16 West 21st Street, that skinny little 14-story building between Fifth and Sixth Avenues going up in the Ladies' Mile Historic District. Morris Adjmi's website has construction pics, and this thing is well on its way. So what's Posen adding to the equation?

We haven't seen the designs, but according to a press release announcing the collaboration, "[Adjmi's] 'whiter than white' pure glass design for 16
West 21st Street provides a stately yet minimalistic canvas, affording Posen the opportunity to create an environmental tapestry that evokes the rich colors and textures that are emblematic of his approach to fashion." Not quite what we'd call concrete specifics, but this is not just a name licensing thing. We're told Posen really is going to be putting his stamp on the building's guts, including getting into the nitty-gritty on everything from cabinetry and hardwood inside the units to shared spaces like the lobby and hallways. Should make for an interesting sales pitch come December. There are 11 units, including a garden duplex and triplex penthouse.
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16 West 21st Street

16 West 21st Street, New York, NY