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Co-op Boards Gone Wild!

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If the co-op application process isn't enough of a deterrent, an anonymous poster over at StreetEasy describes the reign of terror of one unnamed co-op board president, complete with ballot tampering and resident intimidation:

"The residents and the staff are terrified of him. There is retribution against anyone who does not vote for him. Although the ballots are supposed to be private, this Board President has access to them." Residents suspect there are even under-the-table funds going to el presidente from vendors who work with the building. And they won't stand for it! "The good people are all moving out rather than living with the vengeance of this Board President," the poster writes.

Elsewhere on the Internets, another co-op resident reports that his board is thinking about paying house calls on prospective buyers. Better hide the kiddie porn before the co-op board visits! These house calls are legal, says real estate attorney Stephen Sladkus, but not exactly appealing. "I think if people knew about this requirement when bidding on an apartment, many people would look at another building instead." Unless their alternative is living with vengeance, perhaps.
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