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Inside One Jax's Lobby, It's the Wood That Makes it Good

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Here's the thing about the undulating awesomeness that is Greenwich Village's One Jackson Square?wait, never mind, here's two things: 1) Closings in the wavy glass wonder are now underway, after a construction process that felt just slightly shorter than the ice age. 2) The inside may even be more bonkers than the outside, proof of which can be seen in the gallery above. Earlier this week the One Jax lobby was unveiled with a cocktail party, and the twisty bamboo tunnel probably had guests wondering what was slipped in their drinks. We got a preview of the lobby design back during our sales office visit, but this is one case where the reality outcrazies the renderings. Curbed photog Will Femia's review: "The wood smells good." Let the lobby scent wars begin!
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One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006