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CurbedWire: WTC Progress (For Real!), Soho Psychic

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[Click to expand. This thing's huge!]

WTC?A tipster high in the sky above Ground Zero writes, "The Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center is having its largest crane to date set in. It's going to be the largest used " Cool! We think that's what's being highlighted in the photo by the, uh, red squiggles. Our squiggly tipster continues: "Lately there's been a circular hole dug in the center of the Tower 3 site. I've talked to some friends who know the site well and they say its the beginning process for the core of tower 3 and construction may start soon." Eh, not likely. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?We already had our fun with advertecture earlier today, but the signage train never stops. A tipster notes the lightpole ad that just popped up on Crosby Street in Soho and asks, "Is the city so broke they're selling ad space on poles?" Hey, pretty much anything is fair game now that the subways and parks are on the take, right? [CurbedWire Inbox]