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Kent Avenue FAIL: Williamsburg's Northside Piers Tarred!

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Photos by Will Femia.

The war over the makeover of Kent Avenue along the Williamsburg waterfront has its first casualty: The freshly laid sidewalk outside the brand new Duane Reade in the Northside Piers megadevelopment. A tipster writes:

Greetings, as a resident of Northside Piers, I wanted to notify you of the City's lack of planning regarding the resurfacing of Kent. By doing a huge stretch from N14 to South Williamsburg, the city forgot to account for people crossing the street to get to their homes. Unlike smaller stretches of road in NYC that are done late at night, this project began at 8pm. Tenants, delivery people, etc., crossed onto the tarred road and have left black footprint markings everywhere! Suffice to say, the pavement outside the new Duane Reade is replete with tar. There was no effort by the city to form a safe passageway. Another black mark, no pun intended, for this development!

Needless to say, we immediately dispatched Curbed photographer Will Femia to the scene, and, well, the evidence is above. And below.

Poor innocent Duane Reade, barely open before the Burg turned its soul black.
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