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8 Union Square South Unit Flips... Two Years Later

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Ten days after unit 2A at 8 Union Square South sold for $2.43 million in November 2007, back in the Shvolden days, the buyer attempted an insta-flip for $3.05 million. But even at the height of the market, no one wanted a piece of 8USS with corner views of Whole Foods. Burn! Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought the building was underwhelming, and the hellish 14th Street location probably didn't help. The apartment spent two years on the market for over $3 million, with a little price hike here and a little price chop there. The seller finally hit the magic sales price, and the apartment sold last week to lucky buyer the Carmichael Trust. The winning number? $2.65 million. Not a 2007-worthy sales price, but still a profit. Take that, down market!

11/16/2007 Previous Sale recorded for $2,430,000.

11/26/2007 Listed in StreetEasy by Prudential Elliman at $3,045,000.

12/30/2007 Price decreased by 1% to $2,999,999.
02/19/2008 Price decreased by 2% to $2,950,000.
06/19/2008 Listing is no longer available.
08/29/2008 Re-listed by Prudential Elliman.
08/29/2008 Price increased by 12% to $3,295,000.

10/30/2008 Price decreased by 3% to $3,195,000.
01/13/2009 Price decreased by 3% to $3,095,000.
02/19/2009 Listing is no longer available.
03/18/2009 Re-listed by Prudential Elliman.
07/14/2009 Listing entered contract.
09/16/2009 Listing sold.

09/16/2009 Sale recorded for $2,650,000 ·Listing: 8 Union Square South #2A [StreetEasy]
·Development Website Insta-Review: 8USS is Shvo-Shvo [Curbed]