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Landlord: Hey Brokers, Stop Breaking Into My Apartments!

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"Landlords are having a hard enough time renting at a decent clip as we move into the fall," a Curbed tipster writes. "Keeping this in mind, you really have to check out this rant that was just sent out." The rant came at the top of an e-mail blast sent earlier this week by the co-president of DSA Realty, which owns and manages rental buildings (mainly in the East Village) and holds some of its listings as exclusives for the firm's own in-house real estate brokers. It's those exclusives that are the root of the problem, it seems. Other brokers want to get at 'em by any means necessary:

Listings Directors and Office Managers, We are constantly receiving calls from your agents asking if they can "get pics and advertise" our listings. It doesn’t seem they know that they can’t advertise other agents' exclusives and that they shouldn’t be asking. Can you please make sure your agents are aware of this? We are getting a LOT of these requests.

Let's fast-forward a bit:

In addition to this, and probably most importantly, sometimes we can't make an appointment at a certain time. I have a small team of agents that handles a ton of exclusive listings. I’ve had many agents then say "Well, if you can’t make it, can I just go by the building and try to get in?" Or, they don't ask and just go by themselves and break in. I implore you all to train your agents that this is a terrible question to ask and they should know better. And "breaking in" is a major brokerage violation. This also happens quite often and I'm amazed they don’t know any better. Sometimes they'll even arrive early, get impatient, and try to buzz their way in. I’m in amazement at these tactics and am hoping you all can help out with eliminating such practices. I address these points because it doesn’t seem like brokerages are training their agents about these important items and I’m trying to help the brokerage community out as a whole. DSA is far from the only landlord/brokerage frustrated by such agents. Thanks for your assistance.

And later in the e-mail, "Any agent who STANDS up a DSA agent or else tries to get into one of our buildings or apartments on their own will be banned for life from our 50+ exclusive buildings - NO EXCEPTIONS." Fuck yeah! We wouldn't quite call this a rant?he seems pretty calm for a guy whose territory is constantly under siege. And speaking of Steven Seagal movies, isn't a break-in more than a "major brokerage violation," and, like, a major law violation? Or is every broker, well, you know.
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