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CurbedWire: New to Market on Nevins, More on Apthorp

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BOERUM HILL?Sales have kicked off at 93 Nevins Street and 453 Pacific Street, a funky-lookin' (in a good way!) two-townhouse development stressing the eco-friendly thing. As the story goes, a '20s-era brick building was restored by the developers and a four-story limestone-clad building was gently inserted inside. That was divided into two houses, each with 3BRs, 2.5BAs, terraces, private garages, crazy energy-saving doohickeys and $2.595 million asking prices. They look pretty darn nice, no? [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Adding to today's confusing Apthorp chatter, an insider writes: "BTW, the work restriction during last year's Jewish holidays happened while Maurice Mann was still running things; now that Leviev is in charge, and he's the one who's orthodox and a supporter of the Lubavitcher movement from what I've read, holiday work is just fine, thank you Lord. Oh yeah, one more thing.

This is a building now 100 years old. How come every single Buildings Department work permit application states that no asbestos will be touched? No asbestos in a building this old? No asbestos despite a mortgage document which states, in the Hazardous Substances section, that asbestos is contained in the radiators, and also has a handwritten signed addition of 'and in the walls'? Yet not a single job performed in the building has disturbed asbestos, let alone involved removing it?" Uh-oh, we've been down this path before. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023