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Gravesend House is Brooklyn's Biggest Sale of the Year

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While the biggest Brooklyn sale of the year could end up being Dumbo's Clock Tower penthouse, the bar has just been set in a 'hood that gets far less pub. A 8,206-square-foot mansion in Gravesend closed earlier this month for $10.26 million. The house (in a tightly-knit enclave of wealthy Syrian Jews) was built in 1998, and Brownstoner writes the deal at 2111 East 2nd Street is "probably one of the top 10 or so biggest house sales in the borough ever." That's likely the case, because the highest Brooklyn sale on record is $11 million, for another Gravesend house bought in 2006. Hopefully the buyers (hidden behind an LLC) left something in the kitty for a nice fast-breaking tonight.
· Priciest Brooklyn Sale of '09 is in Gravesend! [Brownstoner]