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Party Doesn't Stop at the East Village's A Building

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With its dash of pompousness and pinch of private pool, the East Village's A Building quickly became a magnet for young financial world up-and-comers during the real estate boom. And where young money goes, the drug-fueled ragers follow. But has economic hardship put a damper on the luxury condo building's partying ways? No way, brah!

Last Friday the Daily News baited us with a big story on people "finding friendship and fun in a new crop of amenity-rich properties." (We let this low-hanging fruit marinate over the weekend.) These properties include titans-in-training favorites like 15 Broad Street and the Atelier, but the A Building is clearly the star of the show. At the 13th Street frat house, don't be shocked to stumble upon a bikini-laced karaoke sesh. And here's the typical weekend rundown:

Come Friday night, residents start the party. Without a formal invite, everyone seems to converge on the landscaped roof, this time to watch the sunset and admire the skyline, with the Empire State Building twinkling in the distance. In the background, the Beach Boys play. Hula-Hoops twirl, beach balls bounce and the crowd convenes around the black marble bar for building-wide drinking games. "Flip Cup is a drinking relay race," explains Evy Rodrigues, 32, a regular.

The roof's perfectly manicured lawn becomes a happy hour ballfield where losing Flip Cup teams have to play Dizzy Bat — they chug beer from a plastic baseball bat and run circles around it while their friends cry, "Watch out for the wall!"

Snark if you will, but the million-dollar-condo-owning Flip Cup all-stars of today are the Park Avenue co-op board presidents of tomorrow. Ponder this fate while we hop into the bathtub and feverishly slash at our wrists with a paperclip we've been saving.
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