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Construction Watch: Mondrian Soho Getting Dressed

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The new Mondrian Soho hotel, the urban oasis/menace that recently topped out on Lafayette just above Canal Street, is puttin' on the frits. This latest trend in glass calls for ceramic applications on the panes in various designs to aid in temperature control and light penetration. Plus, they look all crazy!

Frits are showing up on everything from low-slung pavilions to super-tall towers of power. Not that the design style is without its own set of problems, as was seen over in West Chelsea at Frank Gehry's flipped ship for IAC. But frits can disguise columns and other things that architects might want to hide, giving a building a sleek and seamless look. What is now showing up at the Mondrian isn't quite in line with the render, and how it will look when applied to 25 stories is left to the your imagination (Whaddaya say, Piet?). One thing's for sure, however: There won't be any Standard troubles here.
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