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On the Market: No, Mr. Bond, We Expect You to Die (in the EV)

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Any surpervillains out there in search of a new lair-a-terre should make their way over to the East Village, where the penthouse at 128 East 7th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A) has popped up for sale after "three years of painstaking renovation." So sayeth the listing for this 2BR, 2BA, 1,800-square-foot loft, but the brokerbabble is surprisingly brief because, "The photographs tell the story." Do they? We're a little bit unclear on what makes the roof terrace so "magical," but maybe there is a certain level of enchantment in being able to gaze out over Tompkins Square Park while plotting its destruction with a giant deathray. Make this fantasy come true by shelling out that healthy $4.5 million ask.
· Listing: 128 East 7th Street [Halstead]