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Will New Midtown Hotel Live Up to This Crazy Fantasy?

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[Renderings via Konyk.]

Even churches wanted to cash in on the hotel boom in the good old days, and that includes the Glad Tidings Tabernacle at 325 West 33rd Street, just across from what may one day be Moynihan Station. At least it was just across from there. The Romanesque Revival sanctuary was demolished and now the once-holy site is a vacant lot. A 250-room Cambria Suites hotel was the plan, but we've been led to believe the stalled development of this site is another credit victim. However! We couldn't help but notice active surveyors and DOB officials snooping around the site this week. Has this soul been saved? And if so, what will rise?

Not what's seen above! Those renderings are the work of Konyk, which Glad Tidings commissioned to design a residential tower (with a new church in its basement!) before the property was sold. Still, the images are quite something to behold. A 2008 building permit lists Helpern Architects as the minds behind the 22-story Cambria Suites, but unfortunately the firm isn't giving up the goods quite yet. Will it top the previous design? Let us pray.
?Justin Burris
· Konyk [Official Site]

325 West 33rd Street

325 West 33rd Street, New York, NY