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CurbedWire: Windermere & Pals, Inventory's Friday Jump

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We're out of here a bit early to kick off our holiday weekend. Laterzzzzz...

HELL'S KITCHEN?The life-saving sale and promised renovation of neglected Hell's Kitchen landmark the Windermere has been greeted with joy by many, but not, apparently, the unions. Still, that's one dapper pig. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MANHATTAN?More talk now about the week's hot topic, the summer spike in contract signings. One tipster keeps a close eye on the UrbanDigs inventory widget, and he writes: "Today marks the first day since the summer selloff began that I noticed the urban digs listings widget say there was an increase in listings. The start of another inventory buildup and the correlating price drops? Hmmm..." Maybe it's just that 1 Palazzo Chupi triplex = 24 mortal apartments. [CurbedWire Inbox]