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Bushwick is Geting a Swimming Pool

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Think amenity overdrive shriveled up and died along with financing and the art of buying condos off floorplans? Not in Bushwick! Behold 550 Irving Avenue and, specifically, its swimming pool, the first of its kind in the neighborhood according to's David Maundrell. And the bells and whistles don't end there. The new 65-unit building is also rocking a rooftop lounge, garden (with Jacuzzi!), gaming lounge (with Wii!), parking, gym, sauna and?this is not "East Williamsburg," it seems?the finest in indoor and outdoor security. Oh, there's also a coffee shop on the first floor that can be accessed from the street and gaming lounge. First wine shops and now this? Sweet, how do we buy in? Oh?we can't!

Here's where this story differs from similar tales of yore: 550 Irving Avenue is a rental, a detail celebrated ("Not for sale!") on its website. The building is operating under the name 550 Irving Plaza Lofts, and the concept is "Rock-Star Amenities with a Tranquil Vibe." There's nothing tranquil looking about that pool, though. It ain't a party until an inflatable whale shows up, folks. Prices on the available listings right now range from $1,687 to $1,950 per month. Maybe they should bump those rents up a bit and upgrade to PlayStation 3?
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