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Morgan Stanley CEO No Longer Needs to Worry About Parking

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A 33-foot-wide, century-old Upper East Side limestone mansion sells for $13.5 million, so why lead with a photo of a garage? Because that ain't no ordinary car hole. It's a 12-car hideaway that takes up nearly the entire first floor of the old carriage house at 165 East 70th Street, and it now belongs to Morgan Stanley CEO John J. Mack, the Observer's Max Abelson suspects. Sure it's a lot of money, but on the Upper East Side it's far from being conspicuous consumption.

The house is in the snoot-free regions east of Lexington Avenue (now known as the Madonna Zone), and it's described as being a bit of a wreck after having been used by a 99-year-old widow named Bunny to store furniture and a pet interior decorator. But to our eye the pictures look mighty fine, and that 31' x 15' garden up on the third floor is a very cool touch. Hey Mack, need an in-house squeegee man?
· Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack Buys $13.5 M. Carriage House (12-Car Garage Included) [NYO]