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CurbedWire: Stanton St. Malled Off, Upper High Line Update

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LOWER EAST SIDE?Epic news for the Allen Street Mall, where years of promises of a renovation have shockingly come to fruition. Did you enjoy being able to cross Allen at Stanton Street, traffic? Well too bad! Writes a tipster, "This is a great day for the Allen Street Mall!" The first? [CurbedWire Inbox]

FAR WEST SIDE?A vital update on the upper section of the High Line, which hugs the West Side Rail Yards and isn't protected from demolition once the Hudson Yards plan gets going. Friends of the High Line says it's looking good: "There is now substantive language in the proposed zoning text that requires the High Line to be used as public open space. This is a significant victory — just remember that when the current development process for the rail yards began three years ago, few people thought the High Line had a chance. This zoning text lays the foundation for the completion of the High Line project on the site." But all isn't well quite yet. Tomorrow the City Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the rezoning of the western portion of Hudson Yards, and there could still be a curveball. [CurbedWre Inbox]