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Downtown's New Dutch Treat Welcomes Royals, Then Closes

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The big presentation unveiling the New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion, a much-needed and hotly-anticipated visitors' center down at the southern tip of Manhattan that couples Dutch practicality with a bit of whimsy, is set for tomorrow and crews are racing to get it ready. Brought to us by archi-meester Ben van Berkel and his UNStudio gang, the fiberglass-covered wood and fritted-glass pavilion is shaped like the opening petals of a flower (and akin to the fins of windmill?those Dutch!).

It's going up in the middle of Peter Minuit Plaza in Battery Park, now under full re-construction, so this is a one-day affair: "The Plaza is currently undergoing a major renovation; it will only be accessible on September 9, and is closed afterwards. The presentation and the Pavilion can be viewed from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal terrace." Hopefully the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands will be able to tip-toe their way through the tulips around the construction and safely make their way to the spot where the Dutch founded New Amsterdam four centuries ago.
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