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Lincoln Center Tests the Waters

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Summer may be drawing to a close, but there's still time to splash around?and likely get gang-tackled by security in the process. Witness the guys from WET putting the finishing touches on the new fountain waterworks at the heart of Lincoln Center (following up the spring preview). We hesitate to call the Revson Fountain by that simple label, especially after taking a look at the WET website, where the WET-sters state: "We make water work and play. The word 'fountain' does not begin to suggest what we do."

Here play is the operative word, as could be seen on a recent sunny morning while the dancing waters were put through their paces. Computer boards were hooked up and tape measures were out, making sure that the chorus line was kicking an even 48" high. With the click of a mouse the prancing springs shot high into the sky, an elixir in eleve. The slightly controversial plan from Lincoln Center renovation architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro is to replace the original Philip Johnson fountain design with a multi-sensory experience that "maximizes the inherent versatility of the water and transforms it into an experiential medium of expression." If that's the case, then who needs a big gaudy tree to gather around come wintertime? Instead, this new playpen of water and light will brighten the plaza, even in the darkest days of the year.
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