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Did the Jersey Shore Cast Battle at BLUE?

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LES?And now, the most important Curbed query of all time. If you saw last week's episode of Jersey Shore?easily the best hour of television of this young decade, if not the entire history of the universe?you saw brief vignettes during the commercial breaks of actor Michael Cera yukking it up with the cast. A tipster writes:

They were in some cool, unfinished space with great city views while Cera promoted his new movie. Long story short, after PaulyD blows out Cera's hair and they dress him in some fantastic Guido garb, the gang goes out onto the balcony of this place and gets into a sick hot tub overlooking the city. Now the real question is, where is this place? My guess is it's one the the Blue apartments with a balcony (and hot tub? who knew?), based on the slanted windows and the seemlingly Lower East Side view. Can this be confirmed? Ladies and gentlemen, we think it can't!

Note the presence of the stalled Hotel Ludlow skeleton in the background of Cera getting his blow-out, and what looks like luxury rental tower The Ludlow just behind it. The view would put the location of this space firmly in BLUE territory, but what else is as big in that area that lines up with that perspective? The Hotel on Rivington, perhaps, which makes a lot more sense as a filming location. But if there was one LES condo building that just screamed Jersey Shore, it would be BLUE, right? Here's a video clip of the hot tub frolic. [CurbedWire Inbox]