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Forget Calatrava's Gondola—Let's Build a Gondola Network!

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It took three years, but we've finally found someone more obsessed than us with starchitect Santiago Calatrava's plan to connect Governors Island to Manhattan by way of that once and future urban planners' dream, gondolas. In fact, though planner Steven Dale has it in for the aborted Calatrava gondolas—"For a designer as accomplished as Calatrava is, the packaging of the idea was shockingly amateurish," he writes—it's in service to a bigger, bolder, better idea: to wit, a massive gondola transit system connecting Brooklyn to Governors Island to Manhattan to Newark Airport—all through the air!

The idea's completely outlandish, of course, but what won us over is the schematic map (above) that Dale cooked up for his scheme. And then, just for good measure, he drops this, which is so beautiful that it requires no further comment: "Or how about connecting Queens to the Bronx via Rikers Island? Or Harlem to LaGuardia via Randalls Island? A Staten Island connection across the Verrazano Narrows? They’re all doable. Once you wrap your mind around the implications of cable, you can quickly imagine the possibilities."
· Off the Road and Into the Skies [Urban Omnibus via Roosevelt Islander]