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Stuy Town Goes Old School With Renter Deadlines

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The top of the Stuyvesant Town pyramid may be in crisis mode, but down below it's business as usual, and that business is trying to get renters into those newly stabilized apartments. Back in the complex's heyday the waiting list for apartments was thousands strong, and when an availability came up, the name plucked from the list was given a day or two to decide whether or not to rent the place, sight unseen. Now it appears that Stuy Town is somewhat returning to its roots.

A Curbed tipster who put himself on the new waiting list during the post-lawsuit rental freeze got a call from the leasing office over the weekend. He was offered a three-day window to come see an apartment, and following that, a 24-hour deadline to sign a lease. And here's more proof that the Stuy Town Rentpocalypse never quite materialized: 1BRs start at $2,300 per month, and 2BRs start at $3,000. That sounds about right where the market-rate rents would be, no? Of course, these apartments come with the allure of seven years of not worrying about rent hikes, but will that bait cause the fishies to bite?
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