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Midtown's Deuce Dropped From the Market After Chops

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Former Hell's Kitchen Development Du Jour The Deuce at 534 West 42nd Street has not had it easy, racking up a whopping zero sales in about a year on the market. And now the listings for all seven units have been pulled. It didn't happen without warning: back in September, the long-struggling, unfortunately-named "architectural concrete" building saw a broker switch and massive price cuts. Just how massive?

1) #2: Originally asking $2.1 million, last asking $1.235 million.
2) #3: Originally asking $1.65 million, last asking $895,000.
3) #4: Originally asking $1.7 million, last listed for $915,000.
4) #5: Originally on the market for $1.75 million, last asking $945,000.
5) #6: Originally listed for $1.85 million, last asking $1.049 million.
6) #7: Originally $1.925 million, last asking $1.085 million.
7) #PH: Originally $4.5 million, last on the market for $3.85 million.

We've contacted the building's brokers, and we'll update when we have more intel on the Deuce's fate.
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534 West 42nd Street

534 West 42nd Street, New York, NY