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Cedar Tavern Building Has Takers; Equinox Giving Up

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CENTRAL VILLAGE?A few days ago we reported on a new lis pendens filing against the developer of 82 University Place, the 7-unit building that replaced the beloved Cedar Tavern. We just heard from building, and we're told the situation has been resolved and the building is good to go (mysterious!). In fact, three units are in contract, two units have contracts out and an offer for the penthouse is being negotiated. As for closings, well, they're still waiting on the TCO. [CurbedWire Staff]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?Soon we'll be able to retire all forms of our Equinox advertecture photo, because the gym has told the Landmarks Preservation Commission that it plans to remove the signs tomorrow and repair the Greenwich Avenue building's facade. That's just past the deadline (UPDATE: the deadline is actually Friday, not by Friday), but LPC will probably let the gym slide on the late fee because there's no way the commissioners can take on those beefcakes in a fight. [CurbedWire Inbox]