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Exploring Chelsea Enclave's Historic Holy Land

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

The Chelsea Enclave emails us so much it's only natural that they finally invited their BFF over for a visit. The 53-unit luxury condop, built somewhat controversially on the grounds of Chelsea's historic General Theological Seminary at 177 Ninth Avenue, is in the finishing-touches phase, and our tour brought us through the Alan Wanzenberg-designed lobby and up to the Wanzenberg-designed model unit (an in-contract 3BR, 3.5BA, 2,259-square-foot apartment listed at $4.53 million). Then we got a sneak peek of the building's showstopper-in-progress, the massive rooftop terrace overlooking "The Close," the Seminary's semi-private interior park?basically the backyard for future Enclave residents. Jealous! According to the Corcoran Sunshine team a few more deals have been done since the NYT's recent article on the building, which stated 13 units sold. Prices have come down since the building's pre-Lehman Development Du Jour days, and if a few miracle workers are needed to move those remaining units, we think we know a few nearby.
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General Theological Seminary

440 West 21st St., New York, NY 10011

Chelsea Enclave

177 9th Avenue, New York, NY

Chelsea Enclave

177 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY