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Next Stop for High-End Townhouse: Foreclosure Auction

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1110 Park Avenue, former home of abstract painter Judith Rothschild, hit the rental market in September asking $18,000. There's a desperate grab for cash if ever we saw one, and yes, the 3,000-square-foot house is now in foreclosure. The folks at PropertyShark tell us it will hit the auction block on February 4 with a lien of $17 million. The plaintiff is Hypo Real Estate, the same German bank that may be about to wreak more havoc on NYC's market. These little foreclosure messes often get worked out before the auction stage, but clearly there were some irreconcilable differences here.
Things haven't progressed quite so far at nearby townhouse 310 East 84th Street, but it too has taken the early steps toward foreclosure. A lis pendens was filed against the property, which is now on the market for $5.695 million. Commencing auctionwatch now.
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1110 Park Avenue

1110 Park Avenue, New York, NY