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Minetta Lane Salad House Sells for $2.1M, Then Asks $3.5M

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When 16 Minetta Lane, deceased event designer Robert Isabell's townhouse au naturel, got its first PriceChop back in October, Curbed commenters were just a bit doubtful that the townhouse could sell. Well, it did, reportedly in a $2.1 million all-cash deal. (Last we checked, it was asking $3.45 million.) And now, before the sale has even made it to public record, the buyer is attempting a flip: the property was relisted yesterday with a different broker and a new ask of $3.5 million. Happily for our quirky-townhouse-loving hearts, the new listing photos give us our first peek at the home's interior. But what they don't reveal is whether Isabell is flipping in his grave over these shenanigans. And is anyone watering those plants?
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