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FiDi's Priciest Condo Takes $7 Million Tumble

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Just in time for bonus season, the hands-down craziest unit at Philippe Starck's 15 Broad Street, aka the Downtown Insanity Palace, is freshly PriceChopped. The six-apartment combo offering -- 23 rooms (11 of them bathrooms!) and 9,600 square feet of "unlimited possibilities" (not to mention access to the building's Lobby of Insanity and Bowling Alley of Insanity, above) -- was asking $22.5 million when it came on the market around this time last year. Now? It can be yours for only $15.5 million, and that's without having to give up its place at the top of the Financial District listings heap. Even with the anniversary markdown, it remains the most expensive FiDi condo on the market, and the nabe's second most expensive residential listing overall, behind the 15,000-square-foot, $30 million peace palace over at 70 Broad Street. Check out the Floorplan of Insanity.

For those curious, that's $7,125 in monthly maintenance, but just $1 in taxes.
· Listing: 15 Broad Street [Elliman]
· Floorplan Porn: Insanity Palace Six-Into-One Special [Curbed]

15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005