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330 West Broadway: Advertecture in Wonderland

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As we've learned from our friends in the Village over the past few days, overpowering advertecture can cause quite the stir. But when it's done as-of-right and behind a wall of glass, there's probably not much anybody can do about it. This seems to be the case at 330 West Broadway, a downsized new building just outside the southern boundary of the Soho Cast Iron Historic District. Here, an old one-story cinderblock garage with a big billboard above was replaced with a one-story retail structure wrapped in glass (with the super-signage intact). It just came out from under the plywood, and soon every inch of glass?and the space above, too?was filled with wondrous phantasms from filmmaker Tim Burton. Now that long-time local retailers are going belly up, no doubt it's easier to sell cinematic fantasies than big-ticket items in black.
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