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Harlem's Tennis Triangle: A Backhanded Compliment?

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It's been weeks since we informally and then formally adopted the Wholesale District (WhoDi) nickname for the forlorn stretch of Broadway between 23rd and 30th Streets that's now bursting with boutique hotels and other cool hangout spots, and that, friends, is just too long a gap in the ever-evolving nature of NYC microneighborhoods. It's a slow afternoon perfect for entertaining new theories, and a tipster's got one: Have we heard of Harlem's new Tennis Triangle? No, no we have not. But with the tennis season just now kicking off (Australian Open, holla!), we'd love to be enlightened. Take it away, tipster: "Now that Mill Pond Park has opened, there are more tennis courts per square mile in this area (listed below) than any place outside the National Tennis Center."

For visual reference, we present the map above. Now, continue:

In total - 32 courts. (20 of them playable during winter). 1) HARLEM TENNIS CENTER (8 Indoor tennis courts)
Located at the 369th Regiment Armory (the Armory), at 143rd Street and Fifth Avenue. This is a wonderful facility with great pros and staff.

2) FREDERICK JOHNSON PARK (8 outdoor tennis courts)
Recently restored tennis courts offer a softer surface than regular asphalt. Must purchase a pass at Parks and Rec in order to play on the courts. They are open from April - November at West 150th Street and 7th Avenue.

3) MILL POND PARK (16 tennis courts - 12 indoor in winter)
This is a new park right on the river with brand new tennis courts. The park is right across the 145th Street bridge in front of the Gateway Plaza shopping Center.

That technically puts one part of the triangle in the Bronx, but the Harlem-Bronx Tennis Triangle doesn't work in the HaTT shorthand we just came up with, so we'll let it slide.