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Nolita Tenement Gets a New Look and a Triplex Up Top

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Changes abound at 230 Elizabeth Street in the heart of Nolita, where an old walk-up is coming out of rehab with a fresh face. Formerly four floors of brick with a fire escape out front, this one has been redone by Jan Hird Pokorny Associates. Out front, above this up and down stretch of retail, the JHPA team stripped off the fire escape, adding big scrolled metal brackets to keep the 100+ year old building tied together. Up top, to create a triplex, they bumped it up with a new floor and a mezzanine, all under a peaked roof sided in overlapping metal panels and red stucco. Inside they inserted an elevator for easy access, and opened the second and third floors up into a duplex. Out back the 20' wide lot looks onto a patch of greenery tucked away in the middle of this storied block.

The man behind the current plan is owner Adam Woodward, who bought the property for $2.64 million in 2004 and whose company, Hamilton & Church Properties, handles residential rental properties out of Elmhurst, Illinois. This latest bit of luxurious living joins another luxe Nolita newcomer a few doors down at 211 Elizabeth (not to mention those candleicious condos one block down Elizabeth at 11 Spring Street). If things ever start moving at the boarded up 244 Elizabeth a few doors to the north (stuck in the all too common stall mode), it will be another sign of Nolita change we can believe in.
· Adaptive Reuse - 230 Elizabeth Street [Jan Hird Pokorny Associates]

230 Elizabeth Street

230 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY