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Dissecting the Design at 211 Elizabeth & Andaz Wall Street

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In her latest Design Hunting slideshow, New York's Wendy Goodman takes us inside a pair of Curbed curiosities: Nolita's newest brick beauty, 211 Elizabeth, and Hyatt's Andaz Wall Street, which shares a building with the condos of 75 Wall. At 211, Goodman loves Roman & Williams' murdered-out kitchens just as much as we do. (Who needs stainless steel?) At the Andaz, she shows us the finished version of that crazy staircase and explains a few wrinkles of the hotel's Rockwell Group design?like why the bar doesn't actually have a bar, and how stuff in the rooms spins to reveal...other stuff. Wheeee!
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75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY