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Envisioning a Manhattan-Brooklyn-Queens Merger

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Scholars have been wrestling with the slow pace of Manhattan traffic ever since Henry Ford first hosed down a bikini babe on the hood of his Model T. But one brave official came up with the perfect solution for the problem way back in 1924. His idea? Throw a couple dams up, drain the East River, add miles of landfill and then dig a canal out of western Brooklyn and Queens to not shut out ships entirely. Genius! The plan was illustrated in the December 1924 issue of Popular Science, found by Gothamist over the weekend. The graphic also accounts for a massive new City Hall on the fresh terra firma, because, well, why not? Fascinating idea, but is a world without Roosevelt Island really a world worth living in?
· 1924 Traffic Congestion Solution: Drain the East River! [Gothamist]