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Karl Fischer Dumps New Luxury Rentals on the LES Market

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Save for the pioneering luxury condo building 154 Attorney Street and the odd case known as River Ridge, the still-gritty portion of the Lower East Side east of Clinton Street has remained largely free from gentrification's golden touch. But just because the late-night revelry of the LES doesn't quite extend this close to the East River doesn't mean developers aren't eying the 'hood. The summer of 2008 brought word of a new eight-story, 53-unit apartment building at Stanton and Ridge Streets from the one, the only, architect Karl Fischer. Time went by, and the rubble-strewn lot did indeed birth a fresh pile of Hot Karl. That building now has an identity, The Stanton, and a website that makes you feel like you're piloting a spaceship?the jazziest spaceship in the universe! We phoned the building's broker to get the deets.

The Stanton will open to residents on March 1, and it's a rental through and through. The pricing-per-month breakdown is as follows: studios start at $1,950, 1BRs at $2,450 and 2BRs (with 2BAs) at $3,500. The floorplans for floors 4-8 are on the website, and they show that every unit has at least one balcony, while some have two and others have large private terraces. Other amenities: roof deck, home theater/game room, gym, bike storage area, a pet grooming room and other foreign concepts to Ridge Street. A leasing office will open on-site in a "few days," and the building has retail space. Maybe a high-end boutique owner looking for an edgy image will roll the dice on the outskirts of Hell Square?
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