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123 Third Gets the Word Out About 'East Union Square'

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Freshly topped out at the corner of 14th Street, the new 123 Third Avenue condo building is starting to dip its toe into the menacing waters of the Manhattan real estate market. The narrow 19-story, 47-unit development (with outdoor garden featuring a movie screen) has announced a "late fall 2009" opening for its sales office, and blogger EV Grieve notes that a small ad for the project has gone up on quiet little 10th Street?facing opposite the flow of traffic. More mind games: The sign bills the building's location as "East Union Square," which is a new one. Meanwhile, broker-blogger Andrew Fine recently filed an update on 123 Third, speculating on the building's slow entry to the market: "Perhaps with the market finding its bearings the delay is being caused by a revised, revised plan bringing prices back up. If units were to hit the market right now at $1000/ft., mark my words, this would be a run away sellout." If so, expect a Stuy Town rebranding as "East Union Square" soon after.
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123 Third Avenue

123 Third Avenue, New York, NY