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Newly Named James New York is Taking Shape in Soho

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Following the announcement that the Moondance Hotel Grand Street Hotel at the edge of Soho has undergone another identity change?now it's the James New York?we decided to see how things are progressing down at the Fortress of Plazatude. Above the street the suspended Sky Lobby, nestled amidst the tree tops, looms large and is getting ready for glass (above). Imposing palisades in concrete continue to rise above the sidewalks, but the addition of circular cutouts make those barricades a bit less ominous. As for what will be hidden away behind the barricades, this is how the James gang describes it: "A lushly designed urban garden, a welcome respite for guests above the city's hustle and bustle." We don't now about you, but we've already been lulled into a Zen-line trance.

The steel cage for the glass elevator that "transports guests from the ground floor entry to a private living room and business networking lounge" is in place. Way up high at the 17th floor the "halo" of the hoped-for rooftop play pen ("the hotel's sexiest and most covetable feature") is all framed out, awaiting "warm weather fun and relaxation" plus pool-side party goers?and the approval of city agencies. Yet to be seen are the actual 114 guestrooms, getting decked out in cool blues and earthy browns. As for the 1,300-square-foot penthouse, with river views termed "expansive" (and no doubt expensive), we'll just have to wait until the James opens its welcoming arms next summer.
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James New York

27 Grand Street, New York, NY