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Hotel Does the Impossible: Turns Chelsea Against a Drag Queen

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Now that the Village's Equinox gym has removed its offending ads, where will the next great advertecture battle be fought? Glad you asked! It's looking like the Gem Hotel at 300 West 22nd Street, where a tipster passes along this update:

The Gem Hotel, at 22nd and 8th, has a retail space on ground level that they haven't been able to rent. Over the weekend, they plastered the windows of the retail space with these garish ads for a Ru Paul show on the Logo channel. This morning, I noticed that someone had posted handbills. This is totally inappropriate for a residential neighborhood. I hope it goes away soon. Yes, one could say this Gem is truly outrageous. Truly truly truly outrageous. Part of the Equinox hubbub was the building's location in a protected historic district, which we don't think is the case here. DOB will decide, but based on the shots fired so far, we're hoping this sticks around a while. The "please remove this abomination IMMEDIATELY this is not Times Square" had us at hello, but this 311 complaint might be even better.

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