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February 1: Not the Day That Will Transform Soho

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The day that was going to change Soho forever is now just a deep black hole on the calendar: Trump Soho will no longer open February 1. What's more, no new opening date has been set. The folks at Hotel Chatter uncovered the news following rumors that February rooms were not available. According to the hotel's general manager, Trump Soho is in the middle of hiring staff, interior furnishings are almost done, the chefs are working on the menus, and the furniture is on its way. The hotel's booking page shows rooms available from March 1 (for $599), and the countdown contest remains active?signs that all will be well eventually in Hudson Square. But still, a moment of silence, please, for our Feb. 1 hopes.
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013