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Tribeca Real Estate the One Thing Justin Timberlake Isn't Good At?

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We bet Justin Timberlake was feeling pretty smooth when he snagged the fifth floor of Tribeca's Pearline Soap Factory on Washington Street for $4.689 million, down from its original $6.75 million asking price. On second thought he's Justin Timberlake, so he probably always feels smooth. But he should have held out! The seven-unit building is now sold out, The Real Deal reports, moving at prices between $1,400 and $1,500 per square foot (initial hopes were $1,600 per foot or higher). The final burst of sales included the apartment right above Timberlake's, which is the same size and has the same layout as JT's, but sold for just $4.1 million. Ouch. The apartment was also once asking $6.75 million. The Pearline penthouse was the final sale in the building, at $5.9 million, nearly 26% off its $7.95 million asking price. Maybe Mr. Dick in a Box should have set his sights on that one?
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Pearline Soap Factory

414 Washington Street, New York, NY