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Signs of Life at Harlem's Gateway II

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Harlem historians, correct us if we're wrong, but Gateway II?the mad-genius-like plan to construct a pair of new buildings on Frederick Douglas Boulevard and have them spread out horizontally over existing buildings?has been a headscratcher since 2007 or so. By then the project's first phase, the renovation and conversion of the buildings on both sides of the lot, was sold off, and plans for part two were barreling ahead (here are some good "before" shots). The Gateway has had many stops and starts ever since, but broker-blogger Andrew Fine's visit to the site does show some progress since last summer, when there was a flurry of permit activity. There's an updated Schedule A approved just last week that Gateway fans can attempt to decipher, but we've given up on trying to figure this place out. We couldn't track down any listings (or a website for that matter). Little help?
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