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City Picks Winner in Construction Site Beautification Contest

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[Courtesy of urbanSHED International Design Competition. Urban Umbrella design by Young Hwan Choi, Andres Cortes and Sarrah Khan of Agencie Group.]

It was the least favorite choice of Curbed readers, but the city and the American Institute of Architects have gone against the wishes of the Curbediverse and named Urban Umbrella the winner of its urbanSHED international design competition. This design was created by 28-year-old Young-Hwan Choi, who gets $10,000 and a prototype installed on a Lower Manhattan site. Beyond that, contractors won't be required to use the urban umbrella, but using it will be, in press release-ease, "in the best interest of contractors" because the new design costs less than your average sidewalk shed. Take a look at the urban umbrella -- in all weathers! -- in the gallery above. Workable, or does the city need to recount the votes?
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