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Buyer Claims New Luxury Condo is Defective, Developer Disagrees

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Oh, the hazards of new construction! Buyer complaints over construction quality are nothing new, even in the fanciest of fancy buildings?remember Faulty Towers??but rarely do these situations escalate into public squabbles. Here's an extreme case. Nolita's 211 Elizabeth Street has won all sorts of praise, but one buyer in the building (where units have sold for $1.5 to nearly $7 million) isn't joining the chorus. In a long rant posted yesterday on StreetEasy, the buyer writes, "I recently bought a unit in 211 Elizabeth and it was the worst mistake of my life." She goes on about leaks, crooked walls, flooring problems and even issues with those celebrated fireplaces that come in each unit. Then things get bit personal, including accusations against the building's brokers and developers: "They have treated me with no integrity or concern and have even encountered verbal abuse..."

We requested some photos of the damaged apartment from this unhappy condo customer, and she obliged by sending us the pictures seen in the gallery above. We also requested a response from building reps at 211 Eliz, and we received this statement from developer Robert Siegel of 16 Prince Street Development LLC:

This buyer has been actively and recklessly disseminating false information. The targets of her vicious and relentless smear campaign have included the developer, staff, and the building’s selling agents. The implication she has wrongfully sought to spin is that potential purchasers of apartments at the 211 Elizabeth will be exposed to unsafe and uninhabitable conditions. The simple fact is that 211 Elizabeth Street is well known for its quality construction. The building, its amenities, workmanship, and its design make 211 Elizabeth one of the premier luxury condominiums in Manhattan. The sheer irresponsibility of these claims is not without serious ramifications for which this individual will ultimately be held accountable. Staff members who have come in contact with her have complained about her erratic behavior which, over a very short period of time, has escalated from being merely an irritant to objectionable and reckless. In light of this, we are taking all necessary legal measures.
A messy situation, and one we don't think we've heard the last of. But the real tragedy here is seeing one of those gorgeous Roman & Williams-designed apartments all busted up like that. It's like being in the room when Steve Wynn put his elbow through that Picasso.
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211 elizabeth street

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY

211 Elizabeth

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY