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West Chelsea Site Wakes Up; DOB Painting the Town Red

WEST CHELSEA?For the second straight CurbedWire, news of a newly active stalled site! Today we're at 500 West 23rd Street right next to the High Line, which was earmarked for a luxury rental building by developer Shaya Boymelgreen, who ran into financial problems and sold the property. A tipster writes: "Here you go: two lovely photos from this morning. The demolition guys finally returned to 500 West 23; they were seldom seen in the past 18 months. They took out a few truckloads of junk and put up new orange fencing." Other pic of the site after the jump. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?Who else is pumped about the new rules regarding sprinklers and standpipes?! Not this guy, that's for sure: "New city laws on sprinklers and standpipes go into effect shortly. All exposed sprinkler and standpipe risers must be painted RED! Fallout from Deutsche Bank building disaster. If you have a sprinkler riser in the middle of your loft or other open space, enjoy your nice new red maypole, courtesy of the City Council." Old ones aren't grandfathered in? What's the scoop, building nerds? [CurbedWire Inbox]