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King of Astoria Skyline Gets a Little Bit Cheaper

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It's no surprise that one of Queens' tallest and most expensive new condo buildings is on the water facing Manhattan, but here's the shocker: It's not in Long Island City. The building is at 11-24 31st Avenue in a quiet corner of Astoria near Socrates Sculpture Park, and if a finger building is a tall and skinny creation that sticks out over its neighbors, then this is a whole fist. Blog liQcity has been following the East River Tower, recently writing: "This sharply angled monolith is visible from miles away, especially Manhattan, and is the highest point in the LIC/Astoria skyline. Active sales listings show asking prices of roughly $772/SF. Quite steep for that area..." Maybe the reps were reading: Prices were just cut on nearly all of the 38 active listings, but only by about 10%, according to StreetEasy. Prices now range from $385,000 for a 700-square-foot 1BR to $1.195 million for the big-ticket stuff. The views are out of control, but there's a bit of a fish-out-of-water vibe, no?
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