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Superior Ink, Still Searching for Renters, Tries Cutting Prices

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We saw the appearance of pricey rental units at far West Village 15 CPW heir Superior Ink as another healthy sign for the building heading into 2010. But like so many of us post-holiday season, Superior Ink's rental units are now slimming down. The building's three priciest rental units got 10 percent chops over the weekend. The once-$50,000, 3,234-square-foot 5BR, 4.5BA is now asking $45,000. A 2,169-square-foot 3BR, 3.5BA has gone from $30K to $27,000. And a 3BR, 3BA weighing in at 2,284 square feet is now on the market for $22,500 instead of $25K. If those cuts don't help, might we suggest throwing an incentive or two in there?
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