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WTC Hub Taking Shape; How Dare We Question Superior Ink

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FIDI?The Port Authority's WTC Progress website has been updated with some recent construction shots of the new Transportation Hub (PATH passengers, holla!), and the PA helpfully points out what the heck we're looking at. Above is a shot of the balcony level in the Hub Connector, which will have a bunch of stores selling the finest imported fashions from Mars once the place opens in the year 2263. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?It doesn't need the support, but Superior Ink sure has its fans, eh? Mere hours after StreetEasy slid a pair of units down into the "Sold" category, a tipster wrote: "Curbed did a piece yesterday about several rental units at Superior Ink that had price decreases, suggesting somewhat that the bloom is off the rose for that new development. Got an update from StreetEasy today that tells a completely different story. Two new purchases: A 5-bedroom for $14.025 million; and a 2-bedroom for $6.650 million." Yeah, but when the deeds get filed, maybe they'll show these units closed for 10 bucks and a Marc Jacobs gift card. Dare to dream. [CurbedWire Inbox]