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7-Eleven Suburbanizes UWS; Chanel Covers Up in Soho; More!

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) UWS: In towns all across America, the 7-Eleven awning is a magnet for wayward youth looking for a spot to loiter, smoke cigarettes and challenge authority. It's nice to see that, as part of its NYC takeover, 7-Eleven is still sticking to history and tradition, even if that awning merely hovers over a brick wall.

2) Soho: The streets of Soho got a little too real when a prankster spraypainted some hot pink streaks on Chanel's storefront. The Frenchies' response? Put some plywood over the stuff. Quelle horreur!

3) Times Square: The Crossroads of the World gets a facelift every few years, but have you seen what's been going on at the old Virgin Megatore block lately? Forever 21, M.A.C., Disney?it's shaping up to be the hot retail row to take your out-of-town relatives.

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