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From Bungalow House to 'Utility Shaft' in Sheepshead Bay

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You never know what you'll find while cruising the streets of South Brooklyn, and blogger Sheepshead Bites uncovered a doozy. Check out the little creation at 3101 Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay. Among Sheepshead Bites's colorful comments:

The newly constructed commercial unit replaces a bungalow house with 5,050 square feet of fugly, featuring a mezzanine with no view. Judging from the design, and some insider whispering, it will most likely go to some sort of bar/restaurant/lounge use. Which is cool. Except that it’s ugly.Old building permits list engineer George Guttmann in lieu of an architect, and plans were for a one-story banquet hall with a roof deck?which might have something to do with the hardcore stop work order on the property.
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