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Broker Yells 'Fire Sale' at Dumbo's 85 Adams

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We can't remember the last time we saw a newish Dumbo condo selling for under $600 a square foot, but it was probably back when Two Trees was known as Couple of Saplings. This self-proclaimed "FIRESALE IN DUMBO" is at 85 Adams Street, which did battle on the Dumbo skyline with the J Condo for buyers during the early stages of the real estate boom. Have the years been unkind to the so-called Beacon Tower? Unit #3A, an 1,181-square-foot 2BR 2BA, is listed at $699,000, or around $590/sq ft. It last sold in 2007, for the slightly higher $750,000. The apartment is on a low floor, so those fancy Manhattan views have to come from the building's roof deck. Price seem right?

· Listing: 85 Adams Street [Corcoran]