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Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower Hit With Stop Work Order

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Count Mother Nature among Frank Gehry's biggest critics. First she pounds Cambridge with rain until his Strata Center at M.I.T. springs a few leaks, and then she whips up some howling winds in Lower Manhattan that turns Beekman Tower into Beek the Impaler. A special Curbed correspondent sent in the above photos showing the number that yesterday's weather did on the safety netting at the 76-story Spruce Street building. The damages and debris showers have led to a full stop worker order being served on the property by the DOB. Next thing you know, a giant tidal wave will come out of nowhere and wash the IAC Building out to sea. Strap on those life vests, CollegeHumor guys!
· Overview for Complaint #:1274465 [DOB]
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